KP government not serious in holding LG elections

Sabir Shah Hoti

PESHAWAR: The provincial chairman of Qaumi Watan Party (QWP), Sikander Khan Sherpao on Thursday said that the provincial government was not serious in holding Local Government (LG) elections as a single penny has not been earmarked in the present budget for Local Government elections.

Speaking at press conference, held at Peshawar press Club, he said that though the PTI led government has not increased salaries of its ministers yet the expenses of the government has surpassed owing to extravaganza of the provincial government.

“This year the fact and figures provided by the provincial do not correspond to the existing reality as the deficit was Rs40 billion,” he claimed.

He maintained that Federal Government has bombard the masses with inflation as the prices petroleum products shoot up by 60 percent, flour by 22 percent and sugar by 60 percent. 

He termed the government economic policies anti people, saying that it would increase the sense of deprivation among the people.

He lamented that the federal government has introduced new taxes and the existing rates had been increased.

“80 percent budget of KP depends on the federal government which would not be received due to the budget being a deficit one,” he said.

He said that the target set by the federal government for revenue collection was unrealistic and would be received at least two times due to estimation and current worsening economic condition.

He said that this will affect the Federal Tax Assignment (453 billion) and 1 % and for war on terror while expected shortfall would be 60 to 80 billion.

He said that due to delaying tactics of the federal government regarding AGN Qazi formula shows the the government was not willing to give KP its due constitutional share while the Net Hydel Profit (NHP) would also be not given.

He also warned they will hold a series of demonstrations against the additional taxes in the budget for FY2019-20 if the proposals were not withdrawn.

He said that due to the flawed economic policies the incumbent government had brought the governance of the country at standstill.