KP government says Peshawar not to undergo lockdown

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PESHAWAR: The provincial capital will not undergo a lockdown, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister’s Adviser Ajmal Khan Wazir said Friday, appealing, however, to people to be cautious.

Addressing a press conference here in Peshawar, Wazir said the Ulema were playing an extremely crucial role amid the coronavirus outbreak. “Even Islam has given instructions to combat any pandemic that spreads” among the people, he added.

“In the current environment, it is better to say greetings than to shake hands. There can be no greater greeting than Assalam-o-Alaikum.

“It is better to refrain from going to gatherings without any justification,” the adviser added.

Wazir said all the Ulema stood strong with the people in such challenging times and that people should save themselves, as well as others, in line with the teachings of Islam. “Everyone will take precautionary measures and consult Allah,” he noted.

“Hoarding in such difficult times is against Islam’s teachings,” he underscored, adding that in line with what the Ulema unanimously decided, “anyone who died of a pandemic will be termed a ‘martyr'”.

People needed to abstain from all non-essential travel, the adviser said, stressing that there will not be a lockdown in Peshawar. He further added that there should be sadaqa, zakat, and kheirat — or propitiatory offerings, alms, and charity — for those facing challenges presently.

Wazir also stated that while the media had to play its role, the Ulema, too, should spread awareness through messages via loudspeakers in the mosques and on social media. He clarified that the Shariah was categorically not against modern science, contentment and absolute trust in God, and medicine.

With regard to the pilgrims from Taftan, he said some 170 of them had reached Dera Ismail Khan earlier but had been sent to Gilgit-Baltistan a day prior.

“Chief Minister Mahmood Khan himself visited the people quarantined in the Gomal Medical College and Darazinda village and received briefing from the administration, as well as the officials there,” he said, adding that the KP chief secretary had also reviewed all arrangements there.

Wazir clarified that a 65-year-old woman — who was part of the caravan from Dera Ismail Khan to GB and suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, and a heart condition — had passed away. However, he added that it was unclear whether the woman, hailing from Parachinar, died of the COVID-19 or her preexisting medical conditions.

Wazir also noted that another 250 people had been quarantined in Dera Ismail Khan. “We have to fight this pandemic as a nation,” he added.

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