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KP government takes all steps for eradicating dengue disease: Shahram

Wisal Yousafzai

PESHAWAR. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Senior Minister on Health Shahram Khan Tarakai has said that the provincial government has taken immediate step for Dengue disease and monitoring the affected area around the clock.

This he said on Monday in a press conference here at Health Secretariat Peshawar, Flanked by Deputy Commissioner Peshawar and MPA Arif Yousaf.

Shahram Khan added that so far around five people have been died from Dengue while 181 people were admitted in Khyber Teaching Hospital, 16 people were in LRH while 22 people were admitted in Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar.

He further added that today a meeting with all stake holders was did in Peshawar in which local government and other department including International donor organization and all the stake holders were agreed on one agenda that every step will be taken to secure the life of citizen from dengue disease.

He informed that fugitive spray for Dengue has already conducted in the affected area like Tehkal, Peshtakhar and Sufaid Dheri, adding that special tablets and mosquitoes net will be also distributed in the area.


He added that already government specifies five ambulances for the affected area while three ambulances were on the ground, adding that Khyber Teaching Hospital, LRH and HMC were providing treatment to the patients around the clock.

He added that already a Committee has been constituted which will inform and educate the people regarding Dengue, adding that PTI youth and volunteer will work in the affected area.

The Minister added that khateb and local cleric of mosques will educate regarding Dengue and then further they will educate the people in their addresses.

He further informed that in Tehkal area most of vehicle workshop and tires shops which were the main cause of Dengue, adding that anyone in the area including the owner of the workshop who will not cooperate then legal action would be taken against them.

He added that misconception was created against the provincial government regarding the Punjab health team , adding that whenever other province want to help other province they will coordinate first with the affected province administration but no one was informed.

He informed that already health department were in coordination with the Punjab health team and they will provide all possible assistance to the team if they were needed, adding that no one is complete and we believe to take experience from Punjab team as well.

He added that DC office is the Focal point for Dengue information and every day information will be disseminate from the office of DC, adding that most of the time the information was mislead and panic was spread among masses.

He added that fund has been transformed to DC and every step will be taken to insured all possible treatment to the Dengue patients.


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