KP governor says will accept SC’s decision on elections

F.P. Report
PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Governor Haji Ghulam Ali has asserted that the caretaker government would accept the Supreme Court (SC) decision on holding elections in the province.
In a statement, KP governor refrained from giving date for elections for provincial assembly, saying that the caretaker government would accept the Supreme Court (SC) decision on the matter. “The apex court will not make any decision that will push the country towards anarchy”, Haji Ghulam said, adding that the country’s politics were destroyed in the last four years.
He claimed that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was now regretting of their decision to dissolve the assemblies, adding that he was trying in his personal capacity to bring stakeholders together at one table. Referring to PTI’s Jail Bharo Tehreek, the KP governor said that he already knew no arrests would be made under this drive. He also lambasted PTI Chairman Imran Khan for violating the agreement with International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Meanwhile, during a press chat held here on Friday in office of Mardan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mardan, Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Haji Ghulam Ali has said that Pakistan is going through very critical juncture on all fronts and in such kind of situations the announcement of poll-date by him, will increase the country’s difficulties manifold.
He told that they would accept the order of Supreme Court of Pakistan in this regard whatever it was given. However, the KPK governor Haji Ghulam Ali claimed that the apex court would not give such type of order which caused to led panic and lawlessness in the country.
He blamed that principles of politics were badly damaged and ruined in the last four years. He also claimed that the PTI leadership did not take up his advises and consultations as serious about dissolution of provincial assembly and now they were ashamed over their act of dissolution. “I am trying my level best to gather all political parties on one table with the purpose to find out reasonable solution of their political differences, he added.
He pointed out it was correct that under the constitution of Pakistan, the polls must be held within 90-days but article-254 was also present in the constitution. He claimed that all works including developmental projects were going on in the province under the joint consultations with caretaker chief minister Muhammad Azam Khan.
He went on to say that they were fully-prepared tackle the court arrest movement of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Party, adding that he himself already knew that no one would give arrest and the movement would be failed. He accused that the ex-prime minister Imran Khan had violated the IMF agreement and now the punishment was being given to the whole nation. Haji Ghulam Ali alleged that the former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government was responsible for price-hike, inflation and devaluation of rupee against dollar as it was all because of poor and bad policies of the PTI government.