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KP Police Officers demand board meeting for promotion

Written by The Frontier Post

PESHAWAR (APP): A number of senior provincial police officers including DSPs have been awaiting their promotion for many years,calling for convening of an urgent meeting of promotion board and sought a service structure on the pattern of Provincial Management Service (PMS) to end their long sense of deprivation.
A senior KP police officer told APP that despite the fact that 32 vacant vacancies were available for promotion of DSPs to the rank of SPs (BPS-18) but not a single meeting of the promotion board has been convened since 2019 in order to promote DSPs to the next grade.Referring to KP Police Act 2017, he said it was necessary for the Central Police Office (CPO) to hold meetings of three promotion boards in a year but unfortunately no such meeting was convened for the last three years which is creating a sense of frustration among DSPs and other junior ranks officers. He lamented that several senior DSPs were retired without promotion while many junior rank officers were awaiting promotion to next grade since long time due to prolonged delay in holding of the promotion board meeting.
He maintained that DSPs were deprived of promotion despite their 40 percent share in promotion in senior positions in the Police Service of Pakistan (PSPs).
PSP officers, who were inducted in the Police Service of Pakistan in 2017 have been promoted to BS-18 while DSPs were still awaiting promotion to BS-18 since 2012.
The officers and cops of the province share over 99 percent of the strength of the force but in promotion, they get only 40 percent share that was also delayed for many years.The provincial police officers are mostly those recruited assistant sub inspectors while some officers were inducted as DSPs.
He said most of these officers had adversely suffered throughout the service due to no proper service structure and many of them get only one promotion in over 30 years service.He demanded service structure for provincial police officers on the pattern of Provincial Management Service (PMS) otherwise, it would make negative effects on their performance besides creating a sense of deprivation.He said DSPs are front line force of the KP police and laid great sacrifices for the sake of peace and required the same treatment as being enjoyed by PSP officers.
A senior PCS Officer Sajid Khan Mohmand who was recruited asDSP in Grade-17 in 1988 had get only one promotion to grade 18 in almost 29 years service before he embraced Shahadat in a suicide attack in Chaman Balochistan, he added.
While referring to the Zafar Ali Shah VS Federa-tion case, he said that the Apex Court had categorically declared that Provi-ncial Police Officers should be timely recruited as per their due share in the Police Force, however delaying tactics was being made in the promotion of DSPs.

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