Kremlin warns dire consequences ahead as NATO’s nuclear exercises begin

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MOSCOW: Russia is hopeful that U.S will shortly engage in talks with Moscow over NEW START Treaty. Official spokesperson of Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov confirmed stating that,

“First, we must agree, we must avoid any preconditions; we hope that such an experts meeting will take place shortly and we will be able to at least secure this year for negotiations”, Peskov added that, discussion over the treaty is very important.” The treaty is significant for maintaining the strategic balance of the globe.

Few days earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to US to extend the New START without preconditions for at least one year. At first the proposal was rejected by U.S but later it agreed to negotiate on the matter. According to the Russian president, further time will make substantial negotiations possible. The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed Moscow’s readiness to freeze its nuclear arsenals for this one year, if the US agrees to no further preconditions. It should be noted that, the NEW START treaty will expire in 2021 raising many challenges to the strategic stability of the world.

While the matter is still under negotiations, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova, commented the news of “alliance exercises Steadfast Noon in western Germany”. She added that, NATO’s exercises envisaging practices in the skill of using nuclear weapons can cause harm to international security and may bring about catastrophic consequences.

Moscow warned that NATO’s nuclear sharing missions may entail dire consequence. News agencies have reported that Germany’s Air Force was participating beside NATO partners in a classified exercise based on a nuclear war scenario. According to the agency the forces involved practiced, among other things, the use of aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons. In addition to this,

Maria stated that, “As follows from these reports, the exercises envisaged practices in the skills of using nuclear weapons within the framework of the so-called nuclear sharing missions. ” Zakharova further added that, “We are forced to point out once again that in the context of the current critical arms control situation the unrestricted buildup of military potentials by individual states and their allies, well as their unions, and the absolutely outrageous practice of nuclear sharing missions cause harm to international security, destabilize the situation in the world and entail catastrophic consequences.”

While talking to the local news agencies, Zakharova recalled that exercises involving preparations for the use of nuclear weapons by the personnel of non-nuclear states was a blatant violation of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

On the matter, she commented that, “This problem can have only one solution: return of all US nuclear weapons to the American territory, elimination of all related infrastructure that allows for the prompt deployment of these weapons in other countries and an and to all exercises involving preparations for using nuclear weapons by the military personnel of the countries that do not have such weapons.”

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