Kubra Khan reveals why she chosen to remain single

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Pakistani actress Kubra Khan has shed some light on why she has chosen to remain single.

Kubra Khan has acquired massive fame through impeccable acting skills and this is why she enjoys a massive fan following.

Therefore we think people are very curious regarding the relationship status of Kubra Khan and why the actress doesn’t get involved with anyone romantically.

However Kubra chooses to invest her time and energy towards self-growth.

Now how is that linked with a ‘single’ relationship status?

So during one of the segments of Ahsan Khan’s show Kubra declared that maturity, independence and self-growth can only be achieved through an individualistic approach meaning in order to grow as a person one has to be courageous enough to do it all alone.

Thus Kubra doesn’t want to get involved with someone and hinder her self-growth.

Furthermore, Miss Khan reveals that in order to construct a powerful building the foundation has to be strong first otherwise the building will come tumbling down.

The actress feels that if a person isn’t strong enough then one shouldn’t get involved with another person.

Kubra Khan is in the process of self-growth and as soon as she thinks that it is time to get involved romantically, she definitely will.