Kunduz officials admit failure to ensure people’s security

Monitoring Desk

KUNDUZ: Government officials in northern Kunduz province admit their failure to ensure security and prevent criminal incidents while local residents say armed robberies, murders and kidnap cases have recently increased in the province.

A joint meeting between provincial council members, government officials and ordinary people was organized in Kunduz City, the provincial capital, late Tuesday to discuss recent security developments in the province.

Ziaulhaq, a resident of Kunduz City and trader, said the security situation had recently deteriorated in the province.

“The city police search for excuses the entire day how to extort money and their officers are also very weak, we ask the government leaders to show mercy on Kunduz people,” he said.

Taj Baig, another resident, said four people were kidnapped from Kunduz City during the last three months.

He said armed robberies, kidnappings, murders and other crimes had reached the peak in Kunduz City. “If the government did not control the situation as soon as possible, we will stage protests,” he warned.

A number of other participants of the meeting expressed similar views, with Kunduz provincial council head Yousuf Ayubi, calling provincial military and civil officials as incompetent. He said Kunduz security needed special attention.

“Insecurity, murders, kidnappings and other criminal cases have significantly increased, we will close the city gate’s and those of security organs if security forces do not take serious measures,” he said.

Kunduz acting governor, Hashmatullah Rahimi acknowledged they were unable to ensure security. “We are trying to improve the security situation, but unfortunately most of our troops particularly police are fighting on the frontline and that is the reason behind the security vacuum in the city,” he said.

Provincial deputy police chief, Safiullah Mahzon, also said they were not successful in improving security but they were working hard to have good security in future.

“We agree that we could not improve security as needed, we were unable to solve problems in Kunduz but we have taken strong measures for future security,” he added. (Pajhwok)