Kunduz virus hospital buys a Dettol soap for 110 afs

KUNDUZ CITY (Pajhwok): Pajhwok Afghan News has learned reliably that 1.1 million afghanis additional amount has been paid while purchasing 34 items for the Covid-19 hospital in northern Kunduz province.

The government has allocated 100 million afghanis for fighting Coivd-19 pandemic in Kunduz but so far 18 million afs have been spent and 39 million spent on the process of contract while the rest remain unused.

Pajhwok learned 34 different types of items were purchased at 2,111,645 afs for the hospital.

The news agency obtained price of 34 items from several large firms in Kunduz with an average price 980,484 afs. The difference between Pajhwok and the government prices’ was 1,131,161 afs.

Goods’ list

At least 1,000 bottles of Iranian whitening liquid for Kunduz’s Covid-19 hospital were purchased for 230,000 afs and each bottle costs 230 afs. But according Pajhwok price, one bottle is available for 75 afs in market and 1,000 accounted for 75,000 afs.

About 667 pieces of washing powder were purchased for the hospital at a total cost of 100,050 afs and each piece consumes 150 afs, but one piece could be bought for 45 afs in the market and 775 pieces cost 30,015 afs.

At least 167 of laundry soaps were purchased for the hospital at a total cost of 12,525 afs and one soap is sold in the bazaar for 25 afs and with total cost reaching 4,175 afs.

667 bottles of hand washing liquid were purchased for the hospital at a total cost of 166,750 afs and each bottle costs 250 afs. But one bottle could be bought for 75 afs and 667 are priced at 50,025 afs.

At least 240 brooms have been bought for the same hospital at a cost of 72,000 afs and each costing 300 afs.

But one could be sold for 130 afs in bazaar and 240 are priced at 31,200 afs.

At least 1,000 pairs of gloves were purchased for the hospital at a cost of 220,000 afs and each for 220 afs.

But one pair of glove could be purchased for 55 afs and 1,000 are priced at 55,000 afs.

667 shopping bags were purchased for the hospital at a cost of 191,590 afs and each with 230 afs.

But one bag could be sold by 110 afs and 667 are priced 73,370 afs.

33 Dustbin were bought at a cost of 82,500 afs and each with 2,500 afs.

But one dustbin could be sold by 1,700 afs and 33 are priced 56,100.

100 bottles of antiseptic liquid were bought for the hospital at a cost of 80,000 afs and each with 800.

But one could be sold by 300 afs in Bazaar and 100 are priced 30,000.

667 pieces of Dettol soap were purchased for Kunduz hospital at a cost of 73,370 afs and each with 110 afs.

But one piece of Dettol soap could be sold by 32 afs in Bazaar and 667 cost 21,344 afs.

Prices of 24 items are as below

A copy of the list of items bas been obtained by Pajhwok. Besides these items, some non-essential items such as 60 security cameras, 300 chairs and 25 dining tables were also purchased which have not been used as yet and are in the warehouse.

Pajhwok also obtained pictures and video of such cameras and tables.

According to available documents, these 300 chairs and 25 tables were purchased for 690,000 afs but there was no information about the price of cameras.

Kunduz residents views regarding these issues:

Hashmatullah, a resident of Kunduz City, the provincial capital, told Pajhwok that some officials became rich with the arrival of Covid-19 pandemic to Afghanistan.

He said in other countries officials spent their personal budget for people’s healthcare but officials in Afghanistan stole money from the donated fund for the virus.

Sayed Nasir, a civil society activist in the provincial capital, told Pajhwok people had lost their trust in the government due to lack of transparency in the Covid-19 fund. He suggested those involved in corruption should be introduced to the judicial organs.

Amurddin Wali, a member of the provincial council, told Pajhwok that items that were not required should not have been purchased.

He added officials bought a lot of unnecessary things at higher prices, but the hospital was not well-equipped and had many shortcomings.

He said the provincial council would also investigate the purchased items for Covid-19 hospital at a suitable time.

Officials’ views:

Dr. Zabihullah Mujadidi, the Covid-19 hospital head in Kunduz, told Pajhwok that such items had been purchased by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) for them.

He said about security cameras and tables, “We have been still unable to install security cameras, but of the 300 chairs, 150 were used and three tables were also used.”

Public Health Director Dr. Ahsanullah Fazali told Pajhwok that these items were purchased by a delegation from the Procurement Commission but some security cameras and tables were purchased extra.

He said, “Security cameras were purchased for the hospital security, but not this much and I have no further information in this regard.”

According to the information, the governor’s house, representatives from public health department, attorney office, intelligence operatives and the Covid-19 hospital were present in the delegation.

But Ismatullah Muradi, the governor’s spokesman, told Pajhwok the items for the Covid-19 hospital were purchased in the presence of a delegation in an open competition.

He said. “We could not match that time with current time as that time the province was in quarantine period and goods’ prices were high but now the prices have come down.”

He said if there was any problem in this regard, the evaluation committee would investigate it thoroughly and then share the result with the media.

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