Lack of female doctors in Paktika province

PAKTIKA (TOLOnews): Paktika province has a population of 1.5 million people but just has three hospitals and two women doctors.
Officials in this province said that due to the lack of female doctors, they have to appoint male doctors.
Some residents of the province come to the hospital from far-off districts and called on officials to address their problems.
Gul Bi Bi is a resident of Jhoshamand district and after traveling six hours she came to the hospital and said that due to the lack of hospitals, many women have suffered serious problems.
“There is no doctor, and we have to come very far to the hospital,” said Gul Bibi.
“If the patient is coming from a distance, some times we lose our patients on the way,” said Sarwar Khan, a Paktika resident.
Some female doctors at the central hospital said that due to numbers, they cannot care for all patients.
“Across Paktika we just have two specialist doctors that are in this hospital and we are faced with challenges,” said Eqra, a doctor.
“We have a lack of medical materials,” said Mohammad Yahya Weyar, head of the central hospital.
“In Paktika province we just have two specialists, in the central hospital female doctors posts are empty and we are trying to hire male doctors,” said Hekmatullah Hekmat, head of the Public Health Department. Paktika Central Hospital in the past month increased to 150 beds but still is faced with a lack of female doctors.