Lahore gets first ever fish library with more than 50,000 books under one roof

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Pakistan’s cultural capital Lahore gets the first ever fish library, helping researchers and students to get all information about fish under one roof.

The initiative started as the limbless cold-blooded vertebrate is said to be a major contributor to marine ecosystems and the project thus creates awareness about aquatic creatures.

The biggest fish library offers more than 50,000 books on fish farming that provide a plethora of information on suitable habitats and atmospheres for aquatic life without going on multiple platforms.

The library administrator told a local media publication that many medical research students often visited the bookery for their research publications. She added that researchers coming from outside the country often visit the library.

Recalling the tiresome journey, she mentioned that collecting this many books took years despite having minimum funds from the state.

Meanwhile, the administration aims to digitise the library at the earliest to connect with more audiences.