Landi Kotal residents demand probe in distribution of plants

Ahmad Nabi

LANDI KOTAL: Large scale of discrimination has been reported in distribution of plants in the ongoing spring plantation drive, have been taken place in Landi Kotal last day. The locals regretted that earlier, the local farmers or those persons who could care of it, had received plants but this year all the deserving people were neglected and the campaign was politicized as the local workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was authorized to make distribute of plants.

In charge agriculture, Landi Kotal Raza Khan Afridi said that out of 30000 saplings, including Orange, Lemon, Fig, Plum, Pomegranate, Apricot etc., for district Khyber, Landi Kotal had share of 8000 saplings, they gave away to the masses. He added that on the direction Deputy Commissioner office, the plants were handed over to the local office bearers of PTI who distributed it.

Subedar Muhammad Tasleem, resident of Shelman who was regretted over the distribution of the plants and said Shelman is vast and cultivated land but it got only 1500 plants that was injustice to them. “Instead of wasting the plants by giving it to disinterested people, it will be better to cultivate in it areas where it can be cared”, he remarked.

Humayun Khan Shiekhmal Khel, another effectee said that he was willing to grow plants in his large field and approached to the distribution point but ironically the local unit of PTI negated them to provide saplings as he was not the beloved one of any the party influential workers. When local leader of PTI, Haji Zarbullah was contacted on the matter he said that he was supplied a limited number of saplings that were granted to the deserving people in the villages of Station, Adelkhad and Gagra.

More plants are needed to facilitate the locals, he added. Member of the civil society expressed their annoyed over the engagement of political party (PTI)in general welfare activity and said such kind of deeds should be left for the department concerned because it had experience and well aware of the condition and status of the land.

They blamed that inexperience PTI volunteers gave out plants to the inhabitants on basis of like and dislike even that plants were distributed in localities where potable water was unavailable that was equallent to fail the plantation drive. People of Landi Kotal urged the authorities concern to halt irregularity in the distribution and give away plants to the deserving people and utilize the campaign in the best interest of the area.