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PESHAWAR: Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi conducted video conference with Regional Police Officers on Wednesday.

Police working during last 07 months, under the heads of terrorism, kidnapping for ransom, target killings, extortion and other crime came under review. The chair expressed satisfaction with the downward trend in Terrorism cases as well as conventional, crime as a result of better and effective policing.

According to details IG was briefed about crime and service delivery for last 07 months in comparison with last year. Consequently under the heads of terrorism, crime against person and crime against property witnessed a significant downward trend; a comparative police report for the last 07 months exhibits 0% increase in terrorism cases while 50% decrease in simple kidnapping, 68% decrease in child abduction and decrease in kidnapping for ransom 25%.

Similarly in comparison to previous year for the corresponding period attacks on police and LEAs have gone down by 15%, while precipitous decline of 159% was observed in crime against property during this year.

Police performance against drugs and narcotics was no less commendable during the period.

A total of 15566 drug peddlers were arrested as compared to 3423 during  comparable period last year; showing on improvement of 12143. Traffic Department witnessed a reduction in traffic accidents from 2379 to 2119 showing improvement in traffic management.

During the current year 60857 search & strike operations were under taken. Impressive haul of 192 terrorist including some high value targets was achieved while 57 terrorists were killed in armed encounters. Besides there was detection of 158 cases of terrorism involving conviction of 27 terrorists in different courts.

No less stellar achievement of KP Police highlighted in the video conferences is the absorption of twenty five thousand Ex-levies and Khasadars in Newly Merged Districts at the end of phase II which certainly has positive repercussions for security and capacity building of the state in those areas.

The chair was apprised of the provision of modern weapons and equipment and training of these personnel. Infrastructure development and creation of new police stations in Newly Merged Districts is being pursued with same zeal.

Inspector General of Police, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi expressed satisfaction with police performance during last 07 months and issued directions to ensure the outgoing year as peaceful one through sound planning, diligent and professional policing and that police rank and file should utilize its professional capacity to the maximum in the most effective manner.

Last but not the least IG directed Regional Police Officers to submit recommendations of police officers, who have distinguished themselves in performance of their duties during the last 07 months, for  cash rewards and commendation certificates.

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