Law Minister Tarar urges judiciary to take notice of Imran’s statement

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the House in Senate and Minister for Law and Justice Azam Nazir Tarar on Thursday strongly condemned PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s statement in which he (Imran) stated that the country would be divided into three parts if right decisions were not taken right now.

“Imran Khan has lost his mind after losing the coveted post of prime minister,” Tarar said initiating a debate in the senate after suspension of agenda items.

He said Pakistan would exist forever. He accused Imran Khan of violating his oath regarding the protection of national interests and country’s secrets. “Imran Khan lost power following losing support of his allies. He was ousted from power after losing no confidence motion. The current government assumed powers in a legitimate and constitutional way after success of no confidence motion,” he said urging superior judiciary and institutions to take notice of Imran’s statement as his utterances were creating unrest among general public.

Senator Asif Kirmani said Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad was against the creation of Pakistan but after creation of Pakistan he urged country’s leadership to work for betterment of Pakistan and strengthen it.

“PTI invaded parliament, PTV headquarter building, hung dirty clothes in front of Supreme Court building during their 2014 sit in,” he said criticising Imran Khan.

He also urged institutions including Supreme Court to take notice of Imran’s statements as Pakistan could not be run on the whims of an individual.

“Imran is suffering from bipolar disorder which causes extreme mood swings that include emotional highs (mania or hypomania and lows (depression),” he added.

Senator Bahramand Khan Tangi vehemently criticized Imran Khan and said Imran should be punished for his treachery.

Leader of the opposition in Senate, Dr Shahzad Waseem said the statement of Imran Khan was not being seen in true context.

Senator Tahir Bizenjo said that narrative of PTI Chairman Imran Khan was not considerable as he thought of himself as the only person fit for the executive authority. He said that Imran Khan was mentally tense after failure of long march, and suggested PTI to return to National Assembly and play its role for better economy of the country.

Senator Rana Maqbool said that Imran Khan was pursuing his vested interests and wanted to derail the entire system. The attitudes of Chief Ministers Gilgit-Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa reflected the mindset of those who wanted confrontation between the federating units. He also quoted the statement of Anila Ali, member of delegation visiting Israel, who thanked Imran Khan’s government to let a Pakistani travel to Israel.

Senator Hidayatullah Khan said that leaders and founders of ANP always supported the policies for a stronger Pakistan. He said that ANP was among those parties who made efforts for unanimous Constitution for Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1973.

Senator Moula Bux Chandio said that PPPP always struggled, its workers as well as leaders sacrificed their lives for a sovereign Pakistan. He said that former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto sacrificed her life following the footprints of his father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and PPPP raised slogan of `Pakistan khappay’ (We Want Pakistan) on the occasion of her martyrdom.

He said Bilawal Bhutto Zaradari supported the slogan of his mother who used to say that ‘democracy is the best reveng’ and even he defended the visit of Imran Khan to Russia during his tour to the United States.

Govt taking steps to improve performance of Railways

Minister of State for Law and Justice Malik Shahadat Awan on Thursday informed the Senate that government is taking steps to improve the performance of Pakistan Railways (PR) and would provide maximum facilities to the people.

Replying to supplementary questions during Questions Hour in Senate, he expressed the hope that there would be an outstanding performance of railways in future, adding that the last three years performance of PR was in front of us as number of tragic accidents took place.

Awan said that ministry had purchased 20 locomotives in 2017, adding that at present all the DE locomotives are in working condition.“The reliability and availability of this particular fleet has mostly remained above 95 percent against the bench marck of 85% “, he added.

Shahadat Awan said that the Railways infrastructure in Balochistan is being maintained as per available resources in order to provide safe and secure travel to the passengers.

Minister of State said that Railway Track in Balochistan consists of Sibi Quetta-Chaman, Spezand-Taftan and Sibi-Hurnai and some portion of Jacobabad Sibi Section.

He said that improvement of passengers’ amenities has been carried out by providing wash room, drinking water and renovation of waiting rooms at various station buildings.

In addition, Shahadat Awan said that ten stations’ buildings have been renovated and rehabilitated on Sibi Harnai-Khc section, alongwith repair of 25 bridges.

Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Murtaza Javed Abbasi said that the contract of rehabilitation of track between Sama Satta-Bahawalnagar on Sama Satta-Amruka section has been awarded to M/s FWO, adding that the contract agreement was signed on March 19, 2021.

He said that the total cost of contract of rehabilitation of track between Sama Satta- Bahawalnagar awarded to FWO is Rs.7735.000 million.

He said that the government would work on the proposal under consideration of the government to up-grade and rehabilitate Narowal-Kartarpur railaway track.