Lawyers should review ADR system in Pakistan

Lawyers should review ADR system in Pakistan: CJP

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HYDERABAD: The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar said the lawyers in Pakistan should review Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) system which is being successfully practised in the US and recommend its implementation in Pakistan.

Addressing the Sindh High Court Bar Association (SHCBA) Hyderabad here, the CJP said if implemented the ADR could help reduce the burden of litigation from the judiciary while enabling it to provide speedy justice to other litigants.

He told that the lawyers in the US, where the ADR was being successfully implemented, had initially objected the system but now they all were taking its benefits.

He observed that besides the excessive caseload the misuse of authority by the executive officials of the government departments were also a reason for an ever increasing number of litigations.

He said the supreme court had time and again given directions to heads of the government departments to ask their officials to study the court’s up to date orders about their departments but still the officials keep repeating the same mistakes because they were oblivious of the rulings.

Responding to a demand of SHCBA Hyderabad, the CJP said the election tribunal although had not been established in SHC Hyderabad, he told that the writ petitions of the the election candidates would be allowed admission in Hyderabad.

The CJP also emphasized on the need of legislating laws to replace the outmoded 19th and 20th century laws which were another reason for delay in dispensation of justice.

He said that the legislatures and the elected representatives could undertake that task. With regard to payment of stipend to fresh graduates of law during their initial year in practice, the CJP said in the past law firms used to pay such lawyers but that system had eroded.

He welcomed the lawyers for training programs at the federal judicial academy and asked SHCBA Hyderabad to submit list of such potential lawyers.

Earlier, Chief justice Sindh High Court Ahmed Ali Shaikh addressed the event. However, his speech was interrupted as some missing persons campaigners approached the stage and shouted slogans for safe recovery of the missing people.

The SHCBA’s General Secretary Ishrat Ali earlier welcome the guests which included SHC’s judges among others.


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