Learning from the history

Our democratic leaders seem to have learnt from their past mistakes. Irony, they have only learnt to complete their five years tenure.

In past, one Democratic Party conspired against another ruling party and stalled democratic progress.  For example, Pakistan National Alliance (PNA) staged protest against Zulifqar Ali Bhutto after 1977 general election claiming the election being rigged.

The issue could have been resolved through political settlement but they demanded the removal of Bhutto and imposition of Islamic rule. Consequently, the military got an opportunity to impose martial law under Zia in 1977 and obstructed the path of democracy. Besides, Nawaz Sharif, while Chief Minister of Punjab, created problems for Benazir Bhutto and tried hard to remove her government.

Similarly, Benazir Bhutto played a role to remove Nawaz Sharif in 1993. The both democratic leader celebrated ousted of each other from the government and distributed sweets among their supporters.

At present, the democratic leaders avoid taking such actions that could impede the democratic progress. For example, during 2008 PPP government, Nawaz Sharif was engaged in verbal war with Zardari but did not staged protest to remove him. On the other hand, Zardari got an opportunity to remove Nawaz government during Imran Khan continuous protest in Islamabad. However, he realized that it would play in the hand of anti-democratic elements.

If our democratic leaders develop similar maturity to save country from evils of corruption, nepotism, terrorism and poor governance, our country would embark on the upward trajectory of development.

Saddam Hussain Samo

Khairpur Mir