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Lebanese PM Saad Hariri revokes Nov. 4 resignation

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BEIRUT: Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Tuesday revoked his earlier resignation — tendered from Saudi Arabia one month ago — and declared his government’s desire to avoid entanglements in other countries’ internal affairs.

He made the remarks after attending a Cabinet meeting chaired by President Michel Aoun, which had convened earlier Tuesday in hopes of adopting a formula for settling Lebanon’s ongoing political crisis.

Speaking at a subsequent news conference, Hariri said the Lebanese government would “not be dragged into disputes, struggles or wars” and refrain from involving itself in the domestic affairs of fellow Arab states.

He also stressed Lebanon’s continued commitment to the Taif Accord, signed between the country’s political powers in 1989, while also highlighting Lebanon’s “Arab identity”.

“We remain committed to the Arab League’s founding charter,” he said, “by which we will continue to pursue an independent foreign policy based on Lebanon’s national interests and respect for international law”.

On Nov. 4, Hariri abruptly announced his resignation in a televised address delivered from Saudi Arabia, which has long been considered his chief political patron.

He remained in Riyadh for more than two weeks before finally returning to Lebanon — via France — on Nov. 21.

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