Left Wing Parties gathered in Islamabad to launch a campaign for their rights

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: The left-wing parties across the country gathered at one platform of All Pakistan Laborer’s Students Conference held in Islamabad today. More than dozens of labour unions organizations, students’ organizations and social groups gathered to strengthen their voice against privatization drive by the government, provision of social justice and equality.

Zoom into: – A newly formed organization “Awami Mohtahida Movement” organized a conference titled “All Pakistan Laborer’s Students Conference” in Islamabad today. The left-wing parties, trade unions, labour unions and students’ organizations participated in the conference.

Broad Prospects: – Several left wings parties including National Party, Women Democratic Front, Pakistan Inqalabi Party, International workers Party, Railway Workers Union, Pakistan Masdoor Bichao Mohaz, National Students Federation, PTCL Workers Union and other come up to raise their voice on national issues such as privatization of national institutions, social injustice and inequality. The Speakers were Senator Tahir Bazenjo, C R Shamsi, Rasheed Khan, Akram Rahi, Azad Qaudri, Agha Abdul-Sattar and others. The speakers condemned the ongoing injustice with laborers on the hands of industrialists and investors.

They claimed to work for such as social system in which laborers should have equal rights to the Mills owners or industrialists. Because without investment of laborer’s skill and handy job industrialist could not get anything out of their idle machinery.

Therefore, such legislations should be framed which secures the laborer’s financial rights. The speakers criticized the privatization policy of the government, unemployment drive through removal of contract and daily wagers from government and semi government departments. They were of view that more than 166 government’s institutions had been privatized during last 20 years but still the country’s economy could not be brought out of debt. The Speakers demanded the restoration of student’s union in the educational institutions of the country.

They also demanded the restoration of contract government employees of several department such as PTV, Radio Pakistan, Federal Education Department, who were removed from their jobs by the incumbent government. The speakers also advocated for equal rights and opportunities in all walks of life for women of the country.

Way Forward: – The Speakers demanded that government must stop privatization drive, restore contract government employees, and passed legislations for establishment of free and just social system which guarantee the equal rights of labourers and other disadvantaged segments of our society.

The leadership of the left-wing Parties announced a protest demonstration at D-Chowk Islamabad on February 17, 2021.