Less cases due to less number

Less cases due to less number of tests in Islamabad

Abdullah Momand

ISLAMABAD: The federal capital of Islamabad last month hits hard by the deadly virus and the infection ratio daily basis reached to 776 but in the first week of July Islamabad saw a sharp decline in coronavirus infection but what were the reasons Frontier Post talked to laboratories and health officials to trace the issue.

It should be noted here that Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Muhammad Hamza Shafqat claimed on various media forums that Islamabad is conducting highest number of testing on daily basis 3,000 but the scribe repeatedly ask for details of 3,000 testing per day but the district administration failed to provide the details of the testing record.     

GM of Nayab Labs Islamabad told Frontier Post that till last month we were collecting samples of around 80 suspects from homes while 30-40 suspects visited laboratory on a daily basis but now the number of testing on descending limb. He added that now the total testing their laboratory conducts on a daily basis is around 70. He added that there is a misconception regarding covid-19 screening reduced   due to higher prices but this is not the reality adding that we are charging the same amount but the number is decreasing day by day.

Islamabad Diagnostic Center (IDC) official said that yes the number of testing reduced in the federal capital. She added that last month their laboratory was conducting around 100 screening of the deadly virus suspects on a daily basis but now the number has been reduced to 70-75. It should be noted here that federal capital last month reported the highest number of covid-19 patients and on 13th June around 774 cases were reported while on the next day the number reduced to 665 and hence then a sharp decline was observed and in the past 24 hours the capital reported 63 new infections.

The federal capital total infection is 13,650 with fatality of 140 while the federal capital once again reported 3 deaths in the last 24 hours which was earlier one death per/day. 

Director General (DG) Health Services, Municipal Corporation Islamabad (MCI) Dr. Hassan Orooj talking to media outlets said that multiple factors are behind the drop of cases including less involvement of people in testing. 

He added that earlier people were rushing to city hospitals but now the trend has changed. Dr. Hassan said that one of the reasons behind low number of testing is the fear amongst them for which they avoid going for COVID-19 test. He added that although the ratio of death increased in the federal capital and now per day number again reporting 3 which was 1 earlier.

Frontier Post made repeated attempts to get an official version of the District administration but no one responded on the issue.

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