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To the concerned authorities I am writing to bring In notice the issue of Board Of Intermediate Education Karachi being under total control of political party goons.

Few days ago I went to Board of Intermediate Education Karachi.

At the entrance few goons stopped me and asked me for the purpose of visit and when I told them they asked me for money to help in this work. I refused them and started walking inside.

They stopped me again near the bank and abused me.

Then they physically abused a young boy in front of the crowd and his mother keeps crying for help but no one there listened to her cry.

When I tweeted the incidence to number of higher authorities only one the mayor of central district answered that he is helpless in this persistent and chronic issue.

I have few suggestions to handle this issue as our law enforcement agencies have failed to handle it.

  • Built a four side wall with only one entrance main gate.
  • Have a body scanning system like one which is installed in State bank which is on the just few minute walk.
  • As Karachi is a very big city so there should be a branch or collection centers of Board of Intermediate Education Karachi. In all six districts.

Finally, I request to higher authorities and agencies to visit in plain clothes to check the behavior of these 20/30 goons.

Muhammad Qasim





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