LG by-laws challenged in PHC

Humayun Khan
PESHAWAR: Local Government Act 2013 by-laws has been challenged before Peshawar High Court (PHC) regarding issuance of birth, dead and marriage certificates, on Friday.
Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has compelled citizens to obtain their birth, dead and marriage certificates after 90 days by court orders while the writ petition prayer to declare the by-laws against LG Act 2013.
The petition stated that LG Act 2013 asserting that birth, death and marriage certificates should be issued by local governments department. However, the by-laws urged that citizens should obtain birth, dead and marriage certificates within90 days otherwise it should be provided through court’s orders.
The writ argued that it will further complex the procedure of obtaining certificates from LG department while 2013 Act didn’t mention contexture of court in the script. Advocate Shah Faisal Ilyas filed the writ petition while stated that LG 2013 Act states village and neighborhood councils shall issue birth, dead and marriage certificate while no stipulated timeframe was established for obtaining the certificate.
The writ further argued that by-laws will create burden on courts on one hand while on the other side it will also compel citizens to utilize more resources and time. The petition added that referring such minor cases to court will increase burden on judicial system and will be duplication of resources during intact LG system. It is worthy to mention that the writ will be place before a divisional bench of PHC in upcoming days for hearing.