Library privately-funded by local woman opens in Faizabad, Badakhshan

KABUL (ToloNews): Some cultural activists and residents of Badakhshan province praised the opening of a library funded by a woman in Faizabad, the provincial center. private funds, Giti Farah Mehdi established the “Uranus Library” to encourage reading and provide pleasure for the youth of the province.
More than 3,000 volumes in a range of political, social, economic, and cultural areas can be found at Uranus Library, along with audiobooks for the blind.
“The Uranus Library was formed with the main objective of promoting and enhancing the culture of reading, information, and thought,” Giti Farah Mehdi said. Badakhshan cultural activists welcomed the launch of this library.
“We support this and urge the young people to embrace this action.” said Abdul Wasil Latifi, a cultural activist. “This will help individuals who work in painting or work in any art department, this will become a bridge of communication,” said Amna Yousefi, a participant at the opening.
Young women in the province urged the Islamic Emirate to give women more access to cultural events and educational opportunities.
“I ask the Islamic Emirate to not systematically exclude women from society and to enable them to actively engage in political, social, economic, and cultural activities,” said Shabana Farahmand, a participant.