Lifting of unjustified ban on JI in held Kashmir demanded

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq has appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Secretary General of the United Nations and human rights organizations to play their role in the lifting of the unjustified and unlawful ban on the Jamaat e Islami in Held Kashmir.

In his separate letters to them, he said that the JI Held Kashmir and its hundreds of workers had an impressive record of services in the field of education and social welfare and the Indian government had no right to deprive them of that right.

Siraju Haq said that every individual had the right to participate in political activities as recognized by all international bodies. He said that the Human Rights Declaration of 1966 granted every individual the right to participate in political activities. Therefore, India had violated this declaration by placing a ban on the JI In Held Kashmir and arresting hundreds of its workers.

The JIP chief, in his letter, pointed out that Held Kashmir had turned into a hell due to the oppression and tyrannical activities of the Indian occupation forces. He said the Kashmiris wanted plebiscite but the occupation forces and paramilitary forces were trying to crush them.

He said that in accordance with several UN resolutions, India was bound to hold plebiscite in Kashmir but it was continuously denying that and the Kashmiris demanding that right were being gunned down.

The JIP chief appealed to the international bodies to exert pressure on India to accept the basic right of the Kashmiris by allowing them to participate in political activities and take necessary steps for the grant of the right of self determination to the Kashmiris.