Local hood exhibition held in Parwan

PARWAN (TOLOnews): A one-day exhibition of local foods was held in Parwan province with the aim of familiarizing people with various foods.
Organizers of the exhibition asked the acting government to make a suitable place for tourists and citizens of the country to access the local foods of Parwan province.
Among nearly 40 types of local food that have been exhibited, Charikari Soup and Shola Ghorbandi are the best known.
“Here is Charikari Soup and Shola Ghorbandi, the youth should work hard and innovate,” said Noor Agha, an organizer.
“A place should be made for the progress of local foods,” said Raqib Akbari, an organizer.
Cultural activists said there should be support for local foods and the creation of a specific place to arrange these foods so that the citizens and tourists of the country have access to them.
“There must be a permanent exhibition or a restaurant for our local foods to introduce them to tourists,” said Parwez Amin Zada, a cultural activist. “We asked the Parwan municipality to make a place for local food,” said Imamuddin, a representative of shopkeepers in Parwan.
Meanwhile, local officials said that they have plans to support local products.
“Based on the order of the Islamic Emirate leader we used local products in our departments,” said Shams Rahman Sediqi, head of the Culture and Department in Parwan.
“We have a plan for exhibitions so that we can hold exhibitions in the coming years for the better growth and prosperity of businesspeople’s industry and various sectors,” said Raz Mohammad Yaser, head of the Industry and Commerce in Parwan.
Local and traditional foods are a part of the culture of Afghan people and each province has its own special food, which is mostly prepared on special occasions and for entertaining guests.