Local jirga settles blood feud in Dir

F.P. Report

TIMERGARA: A jirga of local elders on Monday succeeded to end a blood feud between two rival families of dermal Bala village wherein the victim family forgave its rivals unconditionally.

Residents said that six years ago a water related dispute had led two families of Darmal Bala to bloodshed. They said the dispute had claimed the life of a youth, son of Haji Iqbal after which the accused family had left the area and migrated to somewhere else. A local jirga comprised of tehsil nazim Balambat Imran ud Din, Maulana Atta ur Rehman, Maulana Muhammad Nabi Shah, district councilor Saif ul Islam and other elders started efforts to resolve the feud.

The jirga on Monday succeeded to end the feud. A function in this regard was held in Darmal Bala which was attended by local residents, relatives of the rival families, jirga members and political activists. The victim family on the occasion announced to forgive the accused family. The rivals promised to live like brothers in future. The speakers highlighted the importance of jirga system in Pukhtun culture. They said that the religion Islam also liked forgiveness rather than taking revenge. Members of both the rival families embraced each other on the occasion.