Local officials say over 80% of houses searched in Herat

Kabul (ToloNews): Local officials in the western province of Herat said that more than 80 percent of houses have been searched by the Islamic Emirate forces in the province’s capital city.
Herat governor’s spokesman Hamidullah Mutawakil said the house-to-house searches are aimed at collecting illegal weapons from the city and providing proper security in the province.
“During the fall of the former government, some of the weapons were captured by the people. We have launched this operation to prevent the misuse of these weapons,” he said.
Meanwhile, the house-to-house search have also faced reactions from the residents of the city.
Some of the residents are happy with the house-to-house searches and said they are effective in ensuring security, but others said that it is a violation of the personal privacy of the people. “They have searched our house respectfully while the community leader was present,” said Sayed Ahmad, a resident of Herat.
“We had a place for our calmness, which was our home, but, unfortunately, our houses are also being searched now,” said Naseer Ahmad Qarizada, a resident of Herat.
The house-to-house searches began a week ago. According to security officials, the house-to-house searches are expected to begin in provincial districts. “When we go to any house, first we move the women to one room. Then the Mujahideen come and search the house,” said Lily Mirzai, a policewoman.
Some weapons and ammunition have been seized in the house-to-house searches, the officials said.