Locals hold demo against India in Landikotal

Ahmad Nabi
LANDI KOTAL: Scores of residents of Landi Kotal on Monday held a protest demonstration against India for threatening Pakistan of bad consequences after Pulwama suicide attack. Volunteers of political workers, transporters and member of civil society participated in the rally.
Carrying national flag of Pakistan and placards inscribed with slogans in favor of Pakistan army, the protesters chanted full-throat slogans against India Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his threat of attack on Pakistan. They marched from Charwazgai area to in front of local press club where the rally turned into public gathering.
Addressing on the occasion their leaders including Shakir Afridi, Musthaqel Khan, Wali Muhammad and others said that Pakistan had nothing to do with Pulwama attack and if India wage war on Pakistan it would face crushing defeat.
“Pakistan is peace loving country and wishes best relation with all of its neighbors including India but its desire of stable peace in the region should not be taken wrongly”, they remarked.
The tribesmen pledged that earlier they had laid down their lives for sake of their motherland and would never hesitate to sacrifice to safeguard their country. At the end the protesters set on fire the effigy of Modi and disperse peacefully.