Logar residents call for security

Logar residents call for security

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LOGAR: Residents in the eastern province of Logar voiced grave concerns over a surge in the level of violence in the province, saying that the fighting is nearing the capital, Pul-e-Alam.

They said that people hear gunfire throughout the night in Pul-e-Alam between the Taliban and the Afghan security forces.

Meanwhile, local officials in the province have said there is now a separate scout force that is intended to mend the fragile security in the province.

“The National Police, the National Army, the officers of the National Directorate of Security are conducting their search operations on a regular basis,” said Shapoor Ahmadzai, the commander of Logar police headquarters.

“Currently, we are deployed inside the city, if the security situation deteriorates we will go outside the city,” said Amanullah Tarakhel, a commander in the Afghan National Army in Logar.

However, residents in the province said that it would be difficult to provide satisfactory security to the public by creating a scout force.

“There is no region in Logar where there is no war,” said Wali Khan, a resident in Logar.

“War broke out even one or two kilometers away from the city,” said Sayed Rahman, a resident in Logar.

“Insecurity has reached its peak in the villages, no change has occurred in the security of Logar,” said Mohammad Hanif, a resident in Logar.

On July 1, President Ashraf Ghani and a high-level delegation made a visit to Logar–his home province– during which time he gave a speech pledging to improve the security situation.

Residents in Logar have said that the president has made similar commitments in the past, but none of the promises have been fulfilled.

Several rounds of mortars hit the city during Ghani’s visit.

Although Logar is adjacent to Kabul, it is considered one of the most insecure regions in the country because of the presence of Taliban fighters. (TOLOnews)

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