‘Lopsided uplift forcing people to join militants’

‘Lopsided uplift forcing people to join militants’

TALOQAN (Pajhwok): The Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) says imbalanced development has forced some people to take up weapons for their rights.

During his visit to northern Takhar province, Nasir Ahmad Durrani told a press conference lopsided development was an injustice that had forced people to join the armed opposition.

“The government that the nation wants to see is yet to be there. All militants are not Taliban. Some have become militants due to oppression committed by government officers,” he remarked.

Balanced development could helpensure security, economic growth and prosperity — goals that the government was committed to, the minister said.

“We envisaged $27,000 for each village council in the Citizen Charter programme and the money should be spent on development projects,” he added. Durrani promised all development projects of MRRD would be implemented in a balanced manner.

Governor Fazlullah Mujadedi asked for the construction of the Sarai Sang Airport and district roads. “These projects are very important. I hope Durrani would support us.”

Provincial Council Head Mohammad Yaqub Nazari also said a balance should be struck in all development projects.

“No roads have been built in districts across the Kokcha River, while some districts have seen too many development projects,” Mohammad Yaqub Nazari said, adding only those areas where high officials lived had been developed.

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