Love your Heart

Written by Asif Khan

September 29 is celebrated all over the world as World Heart Day. Sindh has made great strides in the field of heart treatment.Today, on the occasion of World Heart if the National Institute of cardiovascular dissease is not mentioned. This is a wonderful gift from the government of Sindh where operations ranging from angiography to heart transplantation are being done absolutely free.

There will be no place in Karachi where there is no chest pain mobile unit where a patient can have a heart attack round the clock. In case of emergency, first aid is given and they are rushed to the hospital. Due to these units, many lives have been saved so far. This is a commendable step of Sindh government for the poor people as heart treatment is a bit expensive. The main purpose of the program is to inform the public about the causes, symptoms, timely diagnosis, treatment and precautions of heart disease.

That is why World Heart Day is being observed around the world today to raise awareness about heart disease. According to an international medical survey report, 17.5 million people worldwide suffer from heart disease every year.

According to a report by the World Health Organization, 17 million people worldwide die of heart disease every year. According to medical experts, 50 heart patients die every hour in the world. Like many other countries in the world, heart disease is the leading cause of death in Pakistan.

According to experts, one third of children born in Pakistan today may suffer from heart disease in the future. The purpose of celebrating World Heart Day is to increase the incidence of heart disease in the general public due to lack of information, stress, Smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, rest, salt intake, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, junk foods and not exercising are some of the common symptoms of heart disease. Only in case of severe chest pain do we consult a cardiologist. But sometimes it is so late that our heart is irreparably damaged and as a result we have to go through painful operations.

The major causes of heart disease and heart disease have a great deal to do with the interference of a normal lifestyle. A fat person is many times more likely to have a heart attack than a normal person. Similarly, smoking, poor and unbalanced diet and lack of exercise are also among the major causes of heart disease. Today, on the occasion of World Heart Day, we are introducing to you the silent symptoms that indicate heart failure.

And if you have any of these symptoms then you need to see a doctor immediately. Depression has become a common disease nowadays but experts say that depression can cause heart problems. Symptoms can occur. Do you often suffer from headaches? According to experts, this can be a sign of heart disease. 40% of heart patients often suffer from headaches. You have often seen warning signs in the gym that if you start to feel dizzy while running, cycling or exercising, stop exercising immediately. Dizziness while moving the body is a clear sign of heart disease, we consider severe fatigue as a result of hard work and lack of sleep. But according to experts, if you suffer from severe fatigue, it is a sign of heart disease, it is a sign that your heart is struggling to provide oxygen throughout the body. This is why your body gets tired.

If you have joint pain while walking and working and it heals after resting, it is a sign that your heart is beating. There is something wrong with the veins and they are not working properly. Swelling of the feet is common in people who travel a lot or in pregnant women. But if you don’t count on either of these, and your feet are still swollen, you need to see a cardiologist right away. Most people also hear their heartbeat in their sleep at night. It is not enough to change the sleeping position to get rid of it, but it is a sign of a defect in the heart valve and its sufferers need to see a doctor, the easiest way to avoid heart disease is to lighten regularly. Exercising lightly and living an active life can help us live healthier lives.

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