Lyari needs attention

Lyari needs attention

Bilal Ramzan

The sprouted buds of gangsterdom is the harvest of sowed seeds of unemployment, crested illiteracy rate, generational and absolute poverty, negligence by MPAs and MNAs and other such independent variables

The word “Lyari” seems very simple to be pronounced but known as a horrific and violent town and epitheted with gangster-dom misapprehensively. Before cutting to the chase and hitting the caption, here is an introduction and unfolded truth of Lyari. Lyari is the most populated subdivision of Karachi South District with a population of more than 6 lacks. It is a Baloch centered area and prone to the people of Balochistan owing to their indistinguishable culture and way of life. The area, on the one hand characterized with the family words of terrorism, has produced profuse talents hitherto and nourished them through self-help. Its social workers, sportsmen, artisans and talents of other domains are worth debating and encouragement.  Especially, it is famous for its football/soccer. It has god gifted football players of international standard. Lyari is often referred to as mini Brazil due to its quality soccer.

Likewise, “Kuch Badlain Foundation”, a philanthropic foundation, is founded and chaired by the very young and talented daughter of Lyari, Komal Siddiqui. Mahin Wahid, another stalwart of education in Lyari, is a hope for the street children. She collects children from the streets of her hometown and educates them freely. She also provides them with basic requisites like books and stationery. Her philanthropic service is playing a great role in the progress and wellbeing of the society, especially by igniting the hope of a bright future in among the children. However, the rich talent of Lyari, its positive image, is weighed down and overshadowed due to the terror activities by a small fraction. The dark side of Lyari, which is obsolete now, has germed specter of gang-war as yet. The innocent and pacifists of Lyari are still facing obscurity from the society.

Every dependent variable is linked with an independent one. To say, every effect is the result of a cause, and same is the case in/of Lyari. The sprouted buds of gangsterdom is the harvest of sowed seeds of unemployment, crested illiteracy rate, generational and absolute poverty, negligence from elected MPAs  and other such independent variables. Terrorism or gangster-dom in the marginalized area is not spontaneous. It is the result of supra adduced variables. Every sunrise had born a new gangster in lyari sadly because of the above factors.

The culture of AK-47 became very common, especially among the illiterate youth of Lyari and pitting of pen against the former found to be a rubbish comparison for them. The compelled youth, living in absolute poverty, preferred gun to pen and joined any one of the violent fractions of the community.

Daily violence had become source of amusement for the gangsters. It is shocking that the appalling conducts of these gangsters had been encouraged by their families just for the sack of their livelihood.

It is rightly sad that a man is the product of his social environment through action simulation. The sad and tense conditions of men direct them to deviate to wrong path and subsequently encourage others to do so.

How can someone live a good live without certain very basic rights like right to education, sanitation, right to inclusion etc. but none of these rights the dwellers of Lyari could have benefitted from. The provision of these basic conditions and guarantee of fundamental rights has become a myth to the townies. They are weaned away from the policies and programs dispersed by government, especially in the field of education which is destroyed to a great extent because of lack of attention. They have no access to or unaware about scholarships. The town is one of the least focused area as far as education is concerned. Corrupt leaders and tense economic conditions have closed every door to education for the townies. In the same way, government hospitals are in poor conditions due lack of facilities, no sanitized drinking water for the people.

Thus, targeting and marginalization of the community should come to an end now. It is the right time to hold the hands of Lyari and help its poor inhabitants to progress with. Because, further ignorance from government could compel them towards a more dreadful gangster-dom. The eyes of Lyari are desperately looking forward to their representatives and other political bodies which its inhabitants voted for and formed. Every possible step to be taken by the political representative to ease the lives of people in Lyari. They are waiting for concretization of the lip-services which their representative promised and proposed during the election campaign.

Further, the people of Lyari must raise their voice for their basic rights in a peaceful way, especially for education. Stimulation of Article 25-A of the constitution must be among the top priorities as it is the backbone of any nation. Every child of Lyari has the right to quality and compulsory education. So it is the time to finish the misapprehension of Lyari as a terror zone and adopt an inclusive and uniform public policy by making them among the beneficiaries of national policies and programs.

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