Magical towns to visit in Turkey’s Cappadocia region

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Cappadocia is a well-known tourist destination in central Turkey famous for its surreal landscape with intricate rock formations. There are several picturesque little towns with stone and cave dwellings scattered across the region. Here are some of them.
Located on the banks of River Kızılırmak, the town of Avanos boasts some of the best examples of local architecture.
The town is also known for traditional handicrafts, especially pottery. For tourists, local artisans run workshops that teach the basics of pottery.
Göreme is arguably the most visited town in Cappadocia, which features traditional houses and churches carved into rocks.
The main reason for Göreme’s popularity is the famed Göreme Open-Air Museum, which offers some of the best examples of the famous Cappadocia landscapes.
Mustafapaşa is one of the most beautiful towns in the Cappadocia region.
Like other towns in Cappadocia, Mustafapaşa takes visitors back in time with its rock-carved houses and churches.
Ortahisar is a town that sits on a 90-meter-high rock-cut castle and is home to the local Ethnography Museum.
Aside from the rock-cut buildings in the center of the town, Ortahisar is characterized by a series of simply constructed structures that are similar in design and rough in appearance.
Uçhisar is another town that has grown around a castle that was carved into a huge 60-meter rock in the center, creating one of the most famous views in all of Cappadocia.
Visitors can climb the Uçhisar Castle to enjoy the incredible views of the region from the top.
One of the largest towns of Cappadocia, Ürgüp is famous for its rock cones and beautiful stone houses.
This must-see town was once the center of Cappadocia’s famed wine production.

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