Malaysian interest in Pakistan

Shahid Jameel

New world developments such as China’s investment in the One Belt One Road Initiative and Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union and its connectivity with OBOR are key factors that will define the new trends in the world power. Trillions of dollars project i.e. “OBOR” initiative of China is a step towards reshaping the world-South Asia. China is committed towards creating an economic environment around the globe which already include investments in the USA, Latin America, Europe, Asia and resource rich Africa. With the future of global economy hidden in Asia Pacific region, China is currently focusing her economic doorway into the Asian Pacific region.

The OBOR initiative thus revolves around two basic accomplishments by the Chinese planners. Firstly, the OBOR aims at amalgamating the Asian Pacific and Euro-Asian economies by linking it with Chinese mainland through direct road and rail links distributing the Chinese economic hegemony in these regions. Secondly OBOR will provide China an alternate sea trade route, dominated by the mighty US Navy giving the last beat to knock out US global proficiency.

The congregated countries involved are welcoming the overall impact of the Chinese positive plans for the development and global prosperity.  With passing of every single day, the reputation of Pakistan in terms of peace and prosperity is ornamenting worldwide and this is the basic reason that different countries of the world has already shown their keen interest to boost relations and invest in Pakistan.

In recent days, Saudi Arabia announced the investment of billion dollars in Pakistan which is after CPEC is considered as another landmark for Pakistan. Pakistan has welcomed the announcement of $20 billion investment by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman (MBS). Other than this, the recent visit of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad on 23rd March as a Chief Guest is another remarkable achievement for the Pakistan as he has agreed to cooperate with Pakistan in diversified fields.

 While holding a joint press conference in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that corruption is a biggest barrier in the way of human development.  He also admired his Malaysian Chief Guest for taking strong stance on issues affecting the Muslim world including terrorism. Referring to the rise of Islamophobia in the world, he said it has badly affected the Muslims and expressed the confidence on the support of its stance by the Malaysian Prime Minister. It is reported that Malaysia would import Halal meat and rice from Pakistan. The talks between the two leaders also encompassed diverse areas which included cooperation in trade, automobiles, agriculture, tourism and food processing particularly Halal meat.

According to the Finance Minister, Pakistan and Malaysia signed MoUs in five sectors and agreed to open branches of local banks in their respective countries.

Moreover, Malaysia has shown keen interest in procuring JF-17 Thunder fighter planes and anti-tank missiles from Pakistan. Finance Minister further said that the delegation sought participation of JF-17 Thunder aircraft in a defense fair to be held in Malaysia in the near future.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Prime Minister assured to collaborate in the elimination of corruption to strengthen ties. According to Malaysian Prime Minister, it is sad that not a single Muslim country is considered ‘developed’ and Malaysia hopes to become a ‘developed’ country by 2025. Whereas, all Muslim countries must strive to develop themselves too.