Man axed three of family members in Bakhshali

Man axed three of family members in Bakhshali

F.P. Report

MARDAN: A man allegedly axed to death three members of his family including his father, wife and daughter citing poverty as the reason in the area of Dubai Ada of Bashkhali village here on Tuesday. The relevant officials of Chora Police Station has arrested the alleged killers when he was trying to fled the scene after committing the murdered crime.

According to the police’s preliminary investigations and locals of the area, the accused identified as Rehman Ali was hailing from Waray village of District Dir and was residing for quite some time in the said locality of Mardan city after migrating from his native district. They said that the alleged killer was frequently quarreling with his wife and parents due to unemployment and severe poverty.

However, in the incident day, the said poor person axed to death his father Shazullah, wife Rasiat (35) and daughter Tamana (15) while his four children who were in school and a seven month old son sleeping at home at that time, besides, another son who was serving in a service station in Rawalpindi were remained escaped. SP operation, Mushtaq Khan told this correspondent that they had found a mobile set at the spot area while inspecting killing area, adding that they were investigating the case on different angles so to ascertain real motives behind the murdered incident which has forced the arrested person to killed his three family members. Officials of Chora Police Station had lodged FIR against the arrested person on the complaint of his brother Ihsan Ali.

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