Man breaks world record for eating most ghost peppers in a minute

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CALIFORNIA: A man broke the world record of eating the most ghost peppers in just a minute.

Gregory Foster — who hails from California, United States — broke the record after eating 17 ghost peppers in 60 seconds, according to Guinness World Record (GWR).

Even though the man set the record in November 2021, he was officially recognised on Monday.

Bhut Jolokia chilli peppers are one of the hottest peppers in the world, said the record keeping organisation. These peppers have one million Scoville Heat Units, NDTV reported.

It is a unit to measure the heat level of peppers and other spicy foods.

This means that Foster consumed 17 million Scoville Heat Units in just a minute.

The man said that he loves spicy food and grows peppers at his home also. Foster added that he has spent a long time increasing his tolerance level for spices, and this is why he was able to eat the hottest chillies.

“This record attempt is a personal challenge to see how far I can push myself and my love of the super hot peppers,” Foster said.

“As a chilli lover, I’ve been trying to advance the awareness and the excitement surrounding the super-hot chillies out there.”

He went on to say that this attempt was a “personal endeavour” to achieve another Guinness World Record. “I love chilli eating and pushing myself,” he added.

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