Man commits suicide for lack of food

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: The weeks-long lockdown in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul has caused enormous challenges for the people of the city, particularly to those grappling with economic hardships and poverty.

Only four days back, Wahid, a driver working with the Central Statistics Organization, committed suicide because of economic hardship.

Family members of the victim accused the Afghan government of failing to address the basic necessities of the poor during the lockdown.

“He was grappling with economic problems. Apparently, he needed flour and cooking oil at home. He consulted his neighbor for some money as a loan, and when he couldn’t find the money, he came back home and committed suicide,” said Merajuddin, a relative of Wahid.

“The leaders are playing among themselves, they are not concentrating on the needs of the people, the people are living below the poverty line,” said Mohammad Rahim, Wahid’s neighbor.

Meanwhile, a number of residents in the city strongly criticized the government for distributing only 4.5 kg of wheat to each family, saying this is a shameful act by the government.

“They registered our names and said the government will provide you with 3 kg wheat–what should we do with this wheat?” asked one resident, Sher Mohammad.

“We want the government to address the plight of the poor,” said Rafi, a resident in Kabul.

However, Kabul’s governor says that the government is taking action.

“Those who do not have bread to eat have been supported, and will be supported,” said Yaqoub Haidari, the governor of Kabul.

Meanwhile, the NGO Help for Afghan Heroes in Kabul distributed food supplies to some families of the fallen soldiers of the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces.

“Today we helped 200 families and this process will continue,” said Saleem Wardak, CEO of Help for Afghan Heroes.

“We request the people to cooperate with the families of the martyrs, they (fallen soldiers) served the country,” said Shakeela Ahmadi, a resident in Kabul. (TOLOnews)