Man shoots wife dead for honour

Man shoots wife dead for honour

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KARACHI: In what could be termed an abysmal deviation from even the vestiges of humanity, a man enraged with a false sense of masculinity allegedly killed on Thursday his wife in the name of ‘honour’ as per police.

A woman in Orangi Town area of Karachi District West was allegedly killed in front of her children as a result of shooting which the police have confirmed was executed by her husband.

The police have said the man killed his wife by firing shots at a point-blank range, that in front of their kids. According to the police report, the murder is labelled ‘honour killing’.

It is also confirmed by the local police that the man, ever since he allegedly murdered his wife, has been at large leaving behind the kids at home.

It has yet to be confirmed whether the police have recorded any complaints by the grieving family or whether it will probe the case independently.

In a separate incident to have occurred outside of the metropolis, earlier the same day, the medical report has arrived of the danse macabre which preceded in Sukkur wherein at least 11 people of a family were murdered including women and children ‘with an intent’.

In the police report, it is revealed that all eleven of the family, including the women and the children, were inebriated to lose their consciousness first and then were killed.

Prime suspects, detained by the local police, Abdul Wahab and his four sons, have already confessed in police custody to killing the family.

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