Many Afghan Children out of School and working on street

KABUL (Tolo News): As the World Children Day is being celebrated on November 20th around the globe, children in Afghanistan are bearing the worst of the humanitarian crisis.

Fatima, 8, is an orphan, who is selling bread on a street in capital city of Kabul. Fatima is in the second grade but she sees no clear future for herself, as the schools beyond grade six remained closed for female students.

“The money which I earn, I give it to my mother. As much as I work, I give it to my mother to bring us food,” Fatima said.

Many children are engaged in work and are deprived of education due to poverty that is rising across the country of around 40 million population.

“We should be helped so we stop being on the street and instead learn something,” said Arash, a child laborer.

“There is no work. Our economic condition is also not good, and thus I left the school,” said Sefatullah, a child laborer.

“Children and young people around the world are raising their voices on the issues that matter to their generation,” the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres said on Twitter.

The Ministry of Public Works said that efforts are underway to provide educational opportunities for children who are in need of assistance.

“They have made some agreements. We are trying to establish them (children) educational classes with their cooperation,” said Basheer Ahmad Rasikh, an official of the MoPW.