Many hurt as police baton charge protesting teachers

F.P. Report
PESHAWAR: Police raided the protest of All Primary Teachers Association, many people were injured due to shelling, batons and aerial firing, while media and Edhi ambulance vehicles were also damaged due to stone pelting by the teachers.
It was announced to close all the primary schools. According to the details, the teachers association in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa yesterday protested in favor of their demands by closing the schools and protesting outside the provincial assembly for several hours. It is said that the problem of scale up gradation has been going on for the last four years. In this regard, several meetings have been held with the education department and the ministers, but no results have been obtained. Primary teachers are recruited on scale 12, while the grade for middle and high schools Recruitment is done at 15 or 16.
The education requirements for all these recruitments are the same, so why is the primary school teacher’s grade low? Meanwhile, negotiations between the Primary Teachers Association and the Department of Education began, which ended in failure. On the other hand The protestors of Teachers Association had blocked Khyber Road for traffic from both sides for several hours. The police and the protestors came face to face in Assembly Chowk. Many police officers and teachers were injured in the stampede in Bagdar. Condemning police brutality, Provincial President APTA Azizullah said that the police had tortured of the nation builders.
Today’s protest was only male teachers, and female teachers were also protesting by closing all primary schools from tomorrow and participated in protest. He said those who fired shelling, tear gas and firing on the teachers will have to answer. The demands of the primary school teachers are being considered.
In the discussion of the teachers leaders with the Minister of Education, the matters were almost agreed upon. Go and action will be taken against those responsible. The government is trying to resolve the issues through understanding.