Many shoemakers out of work

KABUL (TOLOnews): The shoemakers’ union in Kabul said that due to economic challenges and the inattention of the current government, 300 shoemakers had stopped their activity.
“Unfortunately, Afghanistan imports shoes from China with low quality and It is very difficult for us to compete against them,” said Mohammad Asif Jami, head of the shoemakers’ union in Kabul.
Some shoemakers say the lack of raw materials in the country is one of the reasons for the stagnation of the shoemaking market.
Shujauddin, who has been engaged in this industry for thirty years, said: “Our raw materials come from abroad, it’s our problem and we make shoes with high quality, but we don’t have a good market.”
“We want to source the raw materials from inside the country so we can progress,” said Abdul Sami, a shoemaker.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Industry a Commerce pledged that it is trying to grow the industry in the country.
“For their marketing, they should raise the quality within their industry. If they face problems importing raw materials from abroad, contact the Ministry of Industry and Commerce,” said Abdul Salam Jawad, spokesman for the Industry and Commerce Ministry.