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Maria Toorpakai appreciates that Imran extended support

LAHORE (Monitoring Desk): Squash great Maria Toorpakai has appreciated Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman’s tweet that barred his party workers and social media activists to malign her for being sister to disgruntled party representative Ayesha Gulalai who accused Khan of making unwelcome advances.

Toorpakai conversed with the media at Squash Complex in Lahore and said that she appreciates Khan’s tweet as it stands for the fact that national athletes are to be respected and are apolitical.

“I really appreciate his action,” Toorpakai said.

While answering a question about whether she fancies Khan as his role model as an athlete, she agreed that every sportsperson who has rendered sacrifices for the sake of Pakistan in whichever field and has excelled adding to Pakistan’s soft image, is to be respected.

Anyone, be it a doctor, scientist or sportsman is a hero of Pakistan, Maria said. “We have to respect them,” she added. She said that there are athletes who have represented Pakistan in the Olympics and drive a three-wheeler in their localities to earn livelihood, they are our heroes and deserve respect.

She answered a question about whether the recent barrage of criticism takes a toll on her career by saying that she plays for the country that lags behind in education and awareness and it would take time for the people to really understand how things work.

“I don’t mind,” she said even if people abuse me and added that people here definitely need time to get their heads around modern day sports and evolution of society.


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