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Marriyum: Ban imposed on import of luxury items

Written by The Frontier Post

Javed Kazmi
ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information and Bro-adcasting Marriyum Aura-ngzeb Thursday said that a ban had been imposed on the import on non-essential luxury items to redress current economic woes under ‘Compreh-ensive Economic Plan’.
“There has been an e-mergency situation in the country and people will ha-ve to make sacrifices. Pri-me Minister Shehbaz Sharif is working day and night to provide relief to the masses by resolving their issues,” she said while addressing to a news conference.
Marriyum said a comprehensive economic plan had been formulated under which a fiscal management policy would be introduced to steer the country out of current economic crisis.
The plan would help re-duce the country’s reliance on foreign debts, she added.
The minister said it had been decided for the first time that the import of non-essential luxury items would be banned completely.
The government has b-anned the import of Mobile Phones, Home Appliances, Fruits and Dry Fruits (except from Afghanistan), Crockery, Private Weapons & Ammunition,Shoes, Ch-andeliers & Lighting (exce-pt Energy Savers), Headph-ones & Loudspeakers, Sa-uces, Ketchup etc., Doors and Window Frames, Tra-velling Bags and Suitcases, Sanitary ware, Fish & Fr-ozen Fish, Carpets (except from Afghani-stan), Preser-ved Fruits, Tissue Paper, Furniture, Shampoos, Aut-omobiles, Confectionary, Luxury mattresses & sleeping bags, Jams & Jelly, Cornflakes, Bathroom ware /Toiletries, Heaters /Blo-wers, Sunglasses, Kitchen ware, Aerated water, Froz-en Meat, Juices, Pasta etc., Ice cream, Cigarettes, Sha-ving Goods, Luxury Leath-er Apparel, Musical Instru-ments, Saloon items like hair dryers etc., Chocolates.

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