Marriyum: Imran Khan will have to answer for his US conspiracy narrative

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Federal Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb Monday reacted to former premier Imran Khan’s interview with Financial Times in which he had expressed his desire to “build bridges” with the US and said the PTI chief would have to answer for his narrative of US conspiracy.

“The narrative upon which chaos and lies were spread throughout the country. It will not over without an answer to that,” she said.

“Today, the question is not from Imran Khan. Today, the question mark is for those who believe in what Imran said. The question mark is for those who listen to the foreign-funded ‘fitnah’ who is playing with the national interest,” she remarked.

“By making the Parliament, the Pakistan Army and the institutions traitors, it will not over just by saying ‘it’s behind me and it’s over’,” she said to Imran Khan.

“For your lie, you got the Constitution violated. Now you have dissociated yourself from the US conspiracy narrative after playing havoc with the country,” he deplored.

“Imran Khan considers his supporters crazy and a herd of sheep. He has dismissed the narrative of US conspiracy, imported government and regime change because it never existed,” she pointed out.

“Imran Khan today has given up the false narrative of imported government and regime change. Today, the true face of the so-called ‘true freedom’ has been exposed completely,” she castigated.

“For coming to power, Imran Khan put the foreign relations of Pakistan at grave risk. He played a dangerous game with the interests of the country in his lust for power. He put the country and the nation at risk in his lust for power,” she abhorred.

“After teaching lies to the nation, he now says that the US conspiracy narrative is over? He kept appealing to the Supreme Court, and now he says the US conspiracy is over,” she loathed.

“Imran Khan not only threatened the national security with his lies but also conspired to destroy the foreign relations of Pakistan. He played a dangerous game with the interest of the country for his political interests,” she lambasted.