Marriyum: PM raised voice on global warming

UNITED NATIONS (APP): Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had raised his voice at international level regarding global warming and climate change, which was a common problem of the entire world.
Talking to the media persons on the occasion her visit the photo exhibition organized by the Ministry of Information at the United Nations Secretariat lobby, she said currently Pakistan was facing health disaster due to floods and there was a dire need for medicines. She said winter was approaching and flood victims were in dire need of blankets, warm clothes and sheets etc.
Those who wanted to help flood victims, they could help through NDMA and civil society, she said. Many women in the flood-affected areas were expecting babies and there was a dire need for baby milk, baby food and other related items, she added.
The Prime Minister had issued instructions regarding the distribution of tents in Sindh and Balochistan, she said adding tents were being distributed keeping in view the needs of the victims. The minister said that NDMA had been sharing its data with the general public on a daily basis and they were informed about what was required at which place.
She said all out efforts were being made to provide relief to flood victims. Marriyum said that the Prime Minister yesterday had presided over a review meeting regarding the flood victims, in which it was found that there was a shortage of panadol and paracetamol tablets. The consumption of panadol and paracetamol had increased due to flood-related diseases and dengue, the minister said.
She said that demand for these drugs was high,their production was less than increased demand whereas the cost of production was also high. The Prime Minister had clearly instructed that the prices of these medicines would not be increased, she maintained The PM had directed the Ministry of Finance to subsidize these medicines, she added. The minister said process of screening NGOs which were closed had been started by the Ministry of Interior so that they could start work in flood affected areas.
At present, NGOs and civil society were doing very good work in the flood-affected areas, which had been appreciated not only by the Prime Minister, but at the public level as well, she added. The minister said there was a role of civil society all over the world, when this role was included in the efforts of the government, any disaster could be faced. The current focus of the government was on rehabilitation of the flood-affected areas, she added.