Maryam uses political position to intimidate state institutions: Shibli

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD:  Maryam Nawaz is using her political position and party workers to intimidate the state institution. It was said by the Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz during a news conference in Islamabad on Monday. Shibli was responding to the recent announcement by the PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz to bring the political workers while appearing in NAB’s court on March 26. 

Shibli said that a woman involved in corruption is using his political position and party workers for intimidating the state institutions to evade the criminal cases. He accused Maryam for using her political cliques for pressurizing the institutions to persuade them in her favor.

Shibli claimed that this attempt would send a wrong message to public that the persons sitting in political parties can gain impunity from conviction in criminal cases by using their political position. He said that the government condemns the announcement of PML-N for bringing its political gangs during Maryam Nawaz hearing at NAB Court on March 26.

Shibli observed that the people of Pakistan want rule of law in the country instead of threats and intimidations. He noted the government will ensure law and order situation during Maryam’s appearance before NAB.

While answering a query Shibli said that JUI-F Chief must not indulge himself and his party in creating chaos in the country by using the students of his seminaries.

Shibli claimed that opposition is afraid of government’s policies and growing economy because they see it as a threat to their political future. According to him, government main priority is to improve the life standard of the people by reducing inflation and providing health facilities.