Mass demonstrations continue in Hong Kong

HONG KONG (AA): Thousands of people gathered in Hong Kong on Saturday to protest against a proposed extradition law.

Protesters marched against the bill on Hong Kong streets from Kwun Tong district to the town of Kowloon Bay.

The autonomous region, which is under China’s control since 1997, is witnessing protests since early June against the local government’s move to legalize extradition to mainland China, Macao and Taiwan.

Protesters chanting slogans “Free Hong Kong” and “Democracy now” rallied against the Beijing administration, which they accused of intervening in Hong Kong’s autonomy.

Security forces erected giant barriers and iron bars around the police station to prevent angry crowds from entering the premises.

Police also used tear gas against the protesters gathered near the Ngau Tau Kok police station.

Many roads in the region were blocked and metro services were canceled due to the demonstrations.

Since early June, Hong Kong, an autonomous region which has been under China’s control since 1997, has witnessed unprecedented protests against the proposed extradition bill that would legalize extradition of suspects to mainland China, Macao, and Taiwan.

In late July, China had warned that it may deploy armed forces to the region to quell the anti-government demonstrations.

The bill was brought before the Hong Kong parliament on April 3, but failed due to the decision for additional revisions.

Protestors were concerned that Beijing would use the bill to extradite political opponents.

They currently demand the complete cancellation of the bill.

The protests have been observed to include from 100,000 to 1 million people — one seventh of Hong Kong’s total population of 7.4 million.

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