Masses will not spare PDM regime, says Musarrat Cheema

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) senior leader Musarrat Jamshed Cheema said on Monday that the masses would not spare the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).

Speaking to media, Ms Cheema lambasted the incumbent government, saying, “The country’s youth have no trust in this country.” She continued to scold the government over the shortage of flour, saying, “The people were forced to sacrifice their lives for the sake of flour.”

“Today the county is witnessing the closure of industries. The PDM government came into power believing that it would take the country out of the quagmire. Recounting the popularity of the former premier, Ms. Cheema said, “Despite the government is resorting to wicked tactics, Imran Khan continues to bag immense popularity.”