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Massive Anti-Mask Protests demonstrated in London, calling for “freedom”

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LONDON: Mass anti-mask protesters descended on London today calling for “freedom” as the city entered tougher lockdown rules. Anti-mask protestors group marched through Hyde Park and Oxford Street, they have been demanding an end to lockdown. The protestors were holding placards reading “We are all safe”, “COVID-19 equals control” and “lockdown kills”. In pictures it could be seen that protestors are not wearing masks and have violated COVID-19 SOP’s

The protesters were flanked by police officers as they made their way through central London. Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers, who was previously fined £10,000 for organizing a rally, was also in attendance. Piers were seen shouting into a megaphone and charging the public.

The anti-mask protestors have demanded to put an end of face masks restriction and want to stop coronavirus vaccines and are against “social distancing measure”. For this the protestors also held up a huge banner demanding no social distancing measures under the hashtag “Our Movement”. The UK’s government has already announced to impose tougher restrictions as COVID-19 cases surge. This will be Tier-2 lockdown rules. The government has already issues timings for going out and has banned drinking together inside pubs. The government has posed huge fines in violation of SOP’s.

Areas moving into Tier 2 include Essex, Elmbridge, Barrow-in-Furness, York, North East Derbyshire, Erewash, and Chesterfield. Lancashire yesterday joined Liverpool on the toughest lockdown measures in Tier 3.

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