Massoud calls for interim govt to ensure transparent elections

Massoud calls for interim govt to ensure transparent elections

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KABUL: Chief Executive of the National Coalition party of Afghanistan Ahmad Zia Massoud accused Afghanistan’s government and the country’s election commission of trying to engineer the upcoming elections. He said that the coalition will do everything to prevent fraudulent elections in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the office of the Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah has reiterated that holding the elections is the only option where people can demonstrate their democratic rights. He said that the government hopes the Afghan people and the political parties also mobilize to support the election process. Afghanistan’s parliamentary elections are set to be held on 20 October.

But, Afghanistan’s mainstream political parties argue that the current method which has been outlined by the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) is fraudulent and warned that they will disrupt the elections unless their demands are met by government. According to election monitoring groups, the Afghan government and the election commissions failure to ensure transparency around the upcoming parliamentary elections, could result in a crisis for Afghanistan.

Speaking exclusively, Massoud said that the only options that could determine free and fair elections is the establishment of an interim government in the country to oversee the process. “When a government does not have the ability to control a country, it is good and it is a principle that a consensus is created, what we want is an interim president along with 25 ministers and all other structures remain in place,” said Massoud.


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