Massoud says Afghan people will continue to resist

KABUL (Agencies): Ahmad Massoud, son of the late Ahmad Shah Massoud and leader of the Resistance Front, said on social media that the people will never give up the resistance or fighting for their rights. On Saturday Massoud wrote on Facebook that the Afghan people are fighting for freedom and justice and will never give up resistance.
According to Massoud, the resistance is not limited to Panjshir, but includes Afghan women who have also continued their struggle for their rights. “The Panjshir resistance, which has stood firm until now, or our zealous sisters’ resistance in Herat who have raised their voice for their rights, shows that the people have not given up their legitimate demands and will not give up their legitimate resistance and will not be afraid of any threats,” the Facebook post reads. Last Thursday a number of women in Herat city in the west held a demonstration and called for women’s inclusion in the future government.
A day later, a number of women came out into the streets of Kabul to demand that women be included meaningfully in the future government, including in political seats and decision-making roles. Massoud’s remarks come amid fighting between the Resistance Front and Taliban that has been ongoing for the last several days.
Meanwhile, Amrullah Saleh, former VP and part of the Resistance Front leadership, said in a video released that he is in Panjshir and will continue fighting the Taliban forces. Saleh, in reaction to the reports that he had fled to Tajikistan, said he will stay in Panjshir and will not leave the country.